What’s the 411? Introducing The 411 Project

Apparently 411 is also a U.S. highway

Apparently 411 is also a U.S. highway

Introducing: The 411 Project!

If you’re familiar with minimalism, you’ve probably heard of Project 333 and the 100 Possessions movement.  Both are methods of getting a handle on our stuff and trying to pare down to the essentials of what we need (which varies from person to person).  In a similar vein, I introduce to you…

The 411 Project!

Like 333 or 100, 411 is an arbitrary number.  There’s nothing magical about 411 as it relates to minimalism.  Most of us are probably familiar with 411 meaning “information,” and that’s why I chose it.  Here’s how it works:

Choose 41 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe, that those are ALL you will wear for 1 calendar month. (Get it? 41+1 = 411).

The 41 includes:

  • pants, skirts, tights
  • shirts, sweaters, cardigans, jackets
  • scarves and belts
  • shoes

The 41 does NOT include:

  • underwear, socks, pajamas, undershirts
  • exercise clothes
  • lounge clothes (such as sweatpants or sweatshirt that you never/rarely wear out of the house)
  • accessories such as purse, sunglasses, and hair accessories
  • Special occasion-wear: if you have a special event during the month, those clothes do not count (unless you plan to wear them throughout the month)

You’ll notice that this is a LOT like Project 333.  It’s true.  Credit to Courtney!  The difference is that The 411 Project allots more items and less time, and is thus a friendlier foray into minimalism for me and you.

In Style Me Minimal I will chronicle my experiences with The 411 Project, including Daily Outfits put together with my 41 pieces of clothing, a tally of how many times I wear each of my 41 pieces, and bits of advice and suggestions for making minimalism work.

Thanks for reading!

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