Baby steps

Baby Steps

Baby steps.

Last week, a close friend asked:

“Eva, what would you recommend would be a good baby-step start for someone who wants to try out minimalism? Like, a New Years resolution.”

What a great question.

I came to minimalism through Miss Minimalist’s post about decluttering your fantasy self.  The idea of a “fantasy self” made me realize that possessions are often sentimental and hopeful rather than useful or even beautiful.

Do you have things in your space that you don’t even use them or like?  The book someone gave you that you’ve read but feel guilty giving away?  Those pretty bracelets that are uncomfortable?  It’s not wrong to have things depending upon how they make you feel.  Does the painting on that wall make you feel joy, calm, interest, etc?  Or does it distract and frustrate you?  Maybe a plain wall would suit you better.

But we live in a culture that loves to consume, and even the thought of minimizing can be a shock to the system.  It’s hard to break consumption habits that have formed over decades!  Some go minimalist cold turkey, but for many of us, baby steps are much more appealing.

Here are some baby steps for a tentative minimalist:

  1. A wardrobe challenge like The 411 Project or Project 333.
  2. A different minimizing task each day, or every other day or each week.  Write them in your schedule and hold yourself accountable to them! Minimalism Is Simple has some great ideas.
  3. Start with one drawer.
  4. Monthly Missions (more on these coming soon!)

And remember: minimalism is a process, a lifestyle, and requires multiple passes.  Be kind to yourself and keep at it.

For more ideas, fellow bloggers at Minimalism is Simple and Living Lagom have great “getting started” posts which I recommend.

Thanks for reading!


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