Scarves! A highly versatile accessory.

Have you seen this?

It’s a fantastic instructional video.  Who knew there were so many ways to wear a scarf?  For a viewing recap, here are Wendy’s scarf suggestions (links go to companion instructional videos):

The Modern One Loop
The Classic Drape
The Bunny Ear
The Double Rainbow
The Turtleneck
The Infinity
The Toss
The European Loop
The Basic Loop
The Wrap
The Mira
The Celebrity
The Waterfall
The Boa
The Magic Trick
The Fake Knot
The X
The Key Tie
The Braid
The Twist & Pull
The Hidden Knot
The Men’s Tie
The DIY Infinity
The Decoration
The Shell Roll

And if that’s not enough, here’s another video featuring yet more ways to wear a scarf!  (Maybe I’ll write them all out in another post.)

Scarves are a stylish minimalist’s best friends.  A well-placed scarf can take an outfit from plain to interesting: give it that intentional edge.  Maybe your wardrobe is basic black, with a few other muted colors or jewel tones thrown in for variety.  What better way to take your look to the next level then to add a contrasting-color scarf, or a multi-colored pattern?

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy!


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One Response to Scarves! A highly versatile accessory.

  1. starfish says:

    Scarves are awesome!

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