The 411 January ’13 recap: outfits worn

Daily Outfit 1.3.13Daily Outfit 1.4.13Daily outfit 1.5.13Daily outfit 1.6.13Daily outfit 1.7.13Daily outfit 1.8.13Daily outfit 1.10.13Daily outfit 1.11.13Daily outfit 1.12.13Daily outfit 1.13.13Daily outfit 1.14.13Daily outfit 1.15.13Daily outfit 1.16.13Daily outfit 1.18.13daily outfit 1.19.13daily outfit 1.20.13Daily outfit 1.21.13Daily outfit 1.22.13Daily outfit 1.24.13Daily outfit 1.25.13Daily outfit 1.26.13Daily outfit 1.27.13IMG_1869IMG_1883IMG_1867














(The 26 outfits I wore in January.  The 5 remaining days I wore work-out or errand clothes for chores and exercise.)

Do you have a favorite outfit from January 2013?


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