The 411 January ’13 recap: tally

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One month complete!

So, what did I learn after 1 month of The 411 Project?

Well, I learned that I can probably do with fewer clothes.  I didn’t wear 2 shirts at all, or 1 of my scarves, and 2 skirts were only worn once!

I also learned that 41 pieces of clothing in a month is very doable, and motivates me to be creative and adventurous with combining clothes.

Most wears:
Gray boots: 12 times
Blue patterned scarf: 7 times
Peach cardigan: 6 times
White lace-ups: 6 times
Green scarf: 6 times

5/5 sweaters worn
5/7 shirts worn

3/3 jeans worn
4/4 skirts worn (2 skirts worn only once, however!)
4/4 tights worn

2/2 dresses worn
6/7 scarves worn6/7 shoes worn
Leather jacket worn 2 times
Black wool sweater worn many times (it’s winter!)

Minimized: two undershirts, two scarves, three cardigans, one long-sleeve shirt.  Yay, minimizing!

Acquired: one pair of tights, one belt.

Not bad for month 1.  Here we come, month 2!  Thanks for reading.


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