What’s the 411? February, 2013

Happy February, the shortest month of the year, Black History month and the month of that dubious holiday, Valentine’s Day.  Here’s The 411 for this month:

IMG_1894From left to right, top row:
3 skirts + 3 jeans = 6
second row:
3 cardigans + 5 sweaters + 5 shirts.
(total = 19)

Right side:
3 dresses (total = 22)

Front row: 5 pairs of tights (total = 27)
Not picture: 7 pairs of shoes, leather jacket, long black sweater = 36


Plus 5 scarves, of course!  Bringing the total to 41 for the month.

Last month, I overlapped my number of skirts with my tights.  However, that wasn’t very challenging!  This month, skirts and tights/leggings count separately.

I still count my coat, hat, workout clothes, gloves, belts and jewelry outside of the 41.

28 days of February, it’s on!  Thanks for reading.


About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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