How I Got Here 2: personal style

When did you first consciously put an outfit together?

Many of us were probably young, and it had more to do with wearing our favorite clothes than with being stylish.  For some, style is never a big deal.  For others (like me), learning about and using style to dress ourselves comes slowly.

What was the first thing you learned about style? 

For me it was pairing loose and tight.  Loose top + tight pants, or tight top + loose pants (I’ve since learned that it’s not always one or the other).  Then, other pairings dawned on me: solids + patterns.  Different textured fabrics.  Color combinations.  Accents and accessories.

It took years to reach my style today and collect the clothes I enjoy putting together and wearing.  It took trial and error, many influences, and it’s always an evolving process.

My personal style needs…

  • Inspiration: what inspires you?  What makes you daydream about clothing combinations?  A friend or lover?  A celebrity?  Art?  The Vivienne Files has great examples of outfits inspired by art.
    My close friends inspire me, as do Wendy and Jessica.
  • Comfort: what clothes make you feel good?  What clothes put an extra spring in your step?  What kind of difference does a Good Outfit Day make for you?  Comfort isn’t just this-sweater-is-itchy, but what makes you stride to take on the world.
    Comfort for me is flattering, aesthetically appealing, versatile clothes.
  • Love: do you wear/buy* clothes you love?  Clothes that are made well/hand-me-down/thrifted/gorgeous/comfortable/make you excited to put them on?
    I love second-hand and thrifted clothes.  Colorful clothes.  J.Crew clothes.
  • Challenge: do you wear clothes that nudge your comfort zones?  Clothes that combine colors, textures, patterns and fits and are new to you?
    It challenges me to combine clothes differently, often based on outfits I see on others.

*Only buying clothes you love can be tough, especially when faced with a “bargain” on the sale rack or in the thrift store.  But clothes you don’t love quickly become stuff that takes up space and will eventually be minimized.  Save the time, space and money and don’t buy it unless you love it.

Thanks for reading!


About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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