What’s the 411? March, 2013

Spring is coming!  In honor of anxiously awaited warm weather, this month’s 411 features some short-sleeved shirts and an emphasis on skirts, thanks to the Monthly Mission.

IMG_1985From left to right, top row:
5 shirts + 2 sweaters = 7, +
2 short-sleeve shirts + 4 cardigans = 13
second row:
3 skirts + 1 pair of jeans + 5 tights
(total = 26)

Right side:
3 dresses = 26

Not pictured:IMG_1987
7 pairs of shoes, 2 over-sweaters, leather jacket = 35

And 6 scarves brings the total to 41 for 1 month.

The scarves were selected to add more color to the clothes for the month: bright green, multicolored, turquoise pattern, pale blue with sequins, and combined neutrals.  If your core palette has a lot of repeated colors, scarves are a great way to diversify your look!

Thanks for reading!


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