Monthly Mission: ONE pair of jeans

Monthly Missions are month-long projects related to minimalism, style or both.  

I was recently inspired by Living Lagom’s post about having one of an item.  Like… jeans.

This month’s mission will be to wear only one pair of jeans* all month, only once a week.  The idea here is not just to experience what it’s like to dress with one pair of jeans, but also to encourage more creatively with skirts, dresses and tights.

*(A second pair of grungy jeans will be worn on days that I walk to work.  Outfits are not posted on those days.)

How many pairs of jeans do you have?  Do you have a few pair you wear most often?


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5 Responses to Monthly Mission: ONE pair of jeans

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  3. starfish says:

    I own five pairs of wearable jeans and two pairs of cargo/army pants. Some of thes are pretty old, so instad of giving them away I’ll just wait until their number gets down on its own and then not replace all of them. In addition there is one really dressy pair of jeans which is only worn for special occasions once in a blue moon, like graduation ceremonies, as I don’t own a pant suit/costume. I could do with four or five pairs of everyday pants plus the dressy ones, I guess. Jeans are what I want to wear almost daily – except for the few weeks of hottest summer each year – as I don’t like wearing tights with skirts/dresses. Most of the time I just have two or three pairs of jeans in rotation, but my favourites change. I still haven’t found a real replacement for the two pairs of skinny jeans I had to put away recently, those were awesome – in deepest winter I’d even wear them instead of leggins under my army pants.

    • Eva says:

      I like the idea of having a rotation (because like you say, favorites fluctuate) but then I get annoyed at storing pants I’m not wearing. I have three pair of jeans now, which is working great – and I do wear skirts and dresses to supplement them. Do you plan to wear a pair out until the number goes down, or just keep rotating? Then wouldn’t several possibly wear out around the same time?

      • starfish says:

        Well, I managed to kill three pairs of jeans in the span of less than half a year, so I guess it’s more the second option.
        I just can’t bring myself to say “that’s the next one to go, so I’ll wear it a lot”, because this way the newest items would be most likely to be chosen to go first. I’m very attached to my old clothes – some of my favourite items are closer to ten than to five years old, and I just can’t find any worthy replacements for them, so I try not to wear them all the time 😥

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