A case of the “just-in-cases”

You may have the just-in-cases.  Are these symptoms familiar?

  • You have books on your shelf you loved when you read them, but you haven’t touched them in years.
  • You have multiples of the same kind of clothes with slight variations.
  • You have uncomfortable/impractical clothes and shoes.
  • You have many cosmetics, barely used.

What’s going on here?

Many of us hesitate to get rid of things, even things we rarely use.  Sometimes we’ll be on the verge of letting something go and we think, “but what if I need it!?”  So we keep it, just-in-case.  That basic gray t-shirt, those classic black heels, that bright pink nail polish.  Maybe one day you will need to wear a gray shirt, black heels, and pink accents.

You probably won’t.

It’s tempting to buy or keep things “just-in-case,” because we want to be prepared.  Just in case we have a job interview in the winter some time, just in case a friend needs to borrow a sarong for the beach, just in case we start to wear bright red lipstick.

A lot of emphasis is put on dressing well and appropriately in our culture.  Of course, dressing well is fun and feels good!  But the myth that you need endless clothes and shoes to dress well empties our wallets and clutters our closets.  You can’t wear more than seven black long-sleeve shirts in a week – and would you, ever?  You may only like to wear one of them.  Keep it, and let others dress well with the rest.

This is not to say we can’t have clothes for special occasions.  How many special occasions do you attend every year?  Dress-up clothes are fun and important, but you only need so many.  Often they can be dressed down, making for more versatile pieces.

If you love it and it makes you feel great, it deserves a spot in your closet.  If it makes you feel guilty, unattractive, dowdy, boring, wrong, then good riddance!  Even if it’s basic, classic or practical, ignore the “just-in-cases.”  You have other, more fabulous things to wear to every occasion.


About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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