Live like you pack & pack like you live

8x15At Happy Hour on Wednesday, a friend explained her packing strategy to me: “last time I went to visit my parents, mom said, ‘please don’t bring your entire wardrobe this time.’  So I just packed my favorite pieces.  I looked well-dressed all week, and I felt good!”

What can stylish minimalists learn from this?  Live like you pack, and pack like you live.

Live: When we travel we don’t usually want to lug multiple suitcases through the airport and in and out of taxis.  Rather, we try to pack fewer pieces that go well and suit our travel needs.  My friend packed her favorite things to wear and felt put-together and confident during her trip.  You want to look and feel good when you’re out – so why pack anything but your best pieces?  To extend that to life, why wear, buy or own anything but pieces that flatter you and make you feel good?  If you could feel good all the time wearing a few pieces you love, would you?

Pack: Sometimes I get too practical with packing, and bring pants with lots of pockets instead of pants that I love to wear and that flatter me.  How to Travel Like a Gentlewoman by Jen Dziura changed my mind.  Unless you are hiking a mountain or doing something similarly rugged, pack like you live.  Pack the way my friend packs.  Pack pieces you wear in your Real Life that you like and look good on you.  That way, you’ll feel like your awesome self while you travel, you’ll look respectable and you’ll be comfortable.

For great visuals, check out Outfit Posts, Putting Me Together and this guest post by Merrick’s Art.


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