The 411 April ’13 recap: outfits worn

daily outfit 4.5.13daily outfit 4.2.13daily outfit 4.3.13daily outfit 4.4.13daily outfit 4.6.13daily outfit 4.7.13daily outfit 4.9.13daily outfit 4.10.13IMG_2130IMG_2156daily outfit 4.13.13daily outfit 4.14.13IMG_2159daily outfit 4.17.13daily outfit 4.18.13daily outfit 4.19.13IMG_2129daily outfit 4.21.13daily outfit 4.22.13daily outfit 4.23.13IMG_2125IMG_2133daily outfit 4.28.13daily outfit 4.29.13daily outfit 4.30.13

The 25 outfits worn in April (5 other days were spent in work-out clothes).  Click here to compare with outfits worn in March.


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