What’s the 411? May, 2013

You get more variety out of 41 during warm weather.  With less need for layers, I wonder if 41 is more than I need!

IMG_2188From left to right, top row:
4 cardigans + 3 dresses = 7
Second row: 3 pairs of tights = 10

Right side, first column:
5 skirts = 15
Second column:
5 short-sleeve shirts + 3 tank tops + 3 long-sleeve shirts = 26, + 2 pairs of shorts = 28.

I love scarves, even in warm weather.  Fewer are necessary, of course.  + 5 scarves = 34.

8 pairs of shoes = 41 for May.

I chose not to include jackets this month.  I doubt I’ll wear them often.  If I had included them, my summery 411 wouldn’t seem so huge….

Happy May!


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