Daily Outfit(s): Weekend in New York

What does a stylish minimalist take on a weekend jaunt to NYC?  Just the essentials: 3 outfits-worth of clothes, including several double-duty items.

Green t-shirt: 3 – Denim cut-off shorts: 3, 4 – Cream cardigan: 4, 5, 6 – Beaded yellow dress: 2 – Navy blouse: 5 – Stone birkenstocks: 5, 6, 7 –

daily outfit 7.6.13daily outfit 5.3.13daily outfit 6.8.13







It’s expected to reach the 90’s this weekend, so shorts and sandals are what I want. But a person who runs cold like me will likely need a cardigan for airconditioned spaces. I packed a black tank top as well, in case of a food spill or sweaty odor problem.

How do you pack for a weekend trip?


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