Project 333: Midway check-in

Well, it’s a little over midway from when I started Project 333 on June 1 and when I’ll finish on August 31.

Guess what??  It’s easy. 

We minimalists sound like broken records for all the times we repeat that it’s easy to live with less.  Lighter, cleaner drawers and and a sparse closet make getting dressed is quick and simple (and tracking outfits on a blog helps me avoid repeating items close together!).

In fact, I noticed that there were a number of pieces in my 33 I’d barely worn!  With that in mind I’ll focus on those items over the next few weeks:


I’m letting go of this dress. It doesn’t fit well and after wearing it this weekend, I couldn’t deny it anymore. It feels good to stop trying and admit that we don’t work!

Beige patterned tank: 2
Black button tank top: 3
Brown flowered tank: 2
Green t-shirt: 3
Pink tank-top: 1
Purple t-shirt: 3
Blue cardigan: 4
Gray cardigan: 2
Periwinkle cardigan: 1
Beaded yellow dress: 2
Blue dress: 1
Flowered skirt: 2
Gray denim skirt: 0
Khaki shorts: 3
Orange shorts: 3
Pink corduroy skirt: 2
Purple skirt: 2
Red flowered skirt: 2
White skirt: 1


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Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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