The Itch

itchFor all my waxing eloquent about how easy style + minimalism is, I still sometimes get The Itch.

You know.  That feeling that your clothes don’t quite fit right.  That your hair looks sloppy and your face wan.  That the girl over there pulls off pencil skirts much better than you do.  That you would look better if you wore heels.

The Itch is that restless, insecure feeling that tempts many of us to shop, buy new things, and remedy our awkward phases with trends.

What are some ways to stop The Itch without going to the mall?

  1. Check your posture.  Nine times out of ten, confidence is boosted with good posture.  It changes your height, your walk, your presentation, all for the better!
  2. Style your hair.  If your outfits are feeling frumpy, try doing something different with your hair.  Sometimes a new up-do, braid, or natural style can dramatically change your look.
  3. Makeup.  Some of us wear makeup regularly, others don’t.  Try changing up your makeup style for a new look that does not require new clothes.
  4. Accessorize!  Are you tired of your outfits?  A well-placed accessory can turn boring into fabulous!  Simple outfits change when combined with a colorful scarf, statement necklace, or big earrings.

Sometimes The Itch does indicate that something is not right in your wardrobe.  Maybe some items are worn, or ill-fitting, or just old and tired.  By all means, replace!  But remember: buying isn’t always the cure.

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