Project 333 recap: Outfits Worn

IMG_2430IMG_2432dailyoutfit 8.29.13daily outfit 8.28.13dailyoutfit 8.27.13dailyoutfit 8.26.13dailyoutfit 8.25.13IMG_2428dailyoutfit 8.23.13dailyoutfit 8.22.13IMG_2392dailyoutfit 8.20.13dailyoutfit 8.17.13daily outfit 8.15.13dailyoutfit 8.15.13IMG_2415IMG_2397IMG_2391IMG_2393IMG_2310daily outfit 8.9.13daily outfit 8.8.13daily outfit 8.7.13daily outfit 8.6.13IMG_2323IMG_2403daily outfit 8.1.13IMG_2372daily outfit 7.29.13daily outfit 7.28.13daily outfit 7.26.13IMG_2320daily outfit 7.24.13daily outfit 7.23.13daily outfit 7.22.13IMG_2321IMG_2289IMG_2317daily outfit 7.18.13daily outfit 7.17.13daily outfit 7.16.13daily outfit 7.15.13daily outfit 7.14.13daily outfit 7.13.12daily outfit 7.12.13daily outfit 7.11.13daily outfit 7.10.13daily outfit 7.9.13daily outfit 6.8.13daily outfit 5.3.13daily outfit 7.6.13daily outfit 7.5.13daily outfit 6.28.13daily outfit 6.23.13daily outfit 6.25.13daily outfit 6.24.13daily outfit 6.23.13daily outfit 6.21.13daily outfit 6.20.13dailyoutfit 6.19.13dailyoutfit 6.18.13dailyoutfit 6.17.13daily outfit 6.16.13daily outfit 6.15.13daily outfit 6.13.13daily outfit 6.12.13daily outfit 6.11.13daily outfit 6.10.13daily outfit 6.9.13daily outfit 6.7.13daily outfit 6.6.13daily outfit 6.4.13daily outfit 6.3.13daily outfit 6.2.13daily outfit 6.1.13


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Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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