Insecurity to Inspiration

photo-1I flipped through Garnet Hill’s winter collection yesterday.  There are some beautiful pieces – stripped sweaters, winter dresses, cute shoes.  I got a 25% off coupon in the mail, probably because I bought my beloved gray suede boots from GH last year.  Although most of GH’s items seems to start at $140, I felt the seductive consumer whisper: maybe just one new thing for the season.

Have you noticed the insecurity that comes with looking at clothes you don’t have?  I started thinking, I really don’t have enough stripes in my wardrobe!  My black flats are worn.  Those cropped matchstick jeans are so cute!  I could use one really nice leather bag in my closet…

It always happens.  Are any of us immune?  These magazines are designed to make us want things.  They’re designed to make us feel a little (or a lot) insecure with what we have.

I say, fie!

Turn the insecurity into inspiration.  What pieces are these models wearing that you already have?  How are they styling them in ways you can try?  What hairstyles do you like?  What accessorizing (jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc) can you mimic?  Sometimes all you need is a picture of a new style to consider trying it yourself.  Take your power back from magazines!  Let them inspire you to push your creativity farther with the clothes you have.


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