Compare & Despair

Roter und Grüner ApfelNever were truer words spoken (to me)!

Have you ever been going along, feeling content and satisfied, until you see, hear or read something that makes you feel a little bit… less?  Makes you worry that you don’t compare favorably to that other outfit/job/social life?

Yes.  Sometimes it happens in the form of a J. Crew catalogue, or an enthusiastic description of an event I didn’t attend, or a beautiful home out of my price range.  It leaves me feeling doubtful, jealous, and unhappy.

What if I compare myself to me?  What if I use my life as a yard stick, instead of someone else’s?  By staying grounded in myself I remember that I wanted to stay home and rest instead of attend that party.  I don’t need that sweater because I already have several.  When my job challenges me, I can do things to improve and make it better.

I love minimalism because it frees me from feeling the need to buy, consume, and do to stay current or “keep up” with peers.  Have you experienced that feeling that your clothes aren’t quite as nice or flattering as hers, that you’re not as well-read as he is, that their house is far better decorated than yours?  Comparing myself like this makes me despair in all the good I have, and distracts me from attending to myself and making changes that are right for me.   


About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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