Project 333: What happened?

dailyoutfit 12.6.13/12.27.13

Favorite outfit of the season.

I started Courtney Carver’s Project 333 in June – August, 2013.  Round 2 began in September, until I realized that my 3 month segments were off.  I’d rather start 2014 with a fresh round of 333 than start in December.  Besides, Jan – Mar fits weather patterns better than Dec – Feb and Mar – May.

So I extended Round 2 to Sept – Dec.  I made substitutions, replacing 6 items [2 tank tops, 1 cardigan, 1 dress, and 2 pairs of shorts] with 2 sweaters, 1 long-sleeve shirt, 1 cardigan, 1 dress, 1 scarf.  Later I received 2 new scarves as gifts, so I let those into the mix.

Final tally:

Most wears: Yellow top (9), Gray (11) & Cream (10) cardigans, Black jeans (22), Jeans (14), Lavender flowered scarf (10).

Least wears: Black cardigan (2), Black sleeveless dress (1), Denim skirt (3), Khaki shorts (1).  Also some pairs of tights.

Acquired: gray scuttle shoes*, blue belt, black tights, russet scarf, purple scarf, straw hat, pajama pants, bathrobe, Charlie Brown t-shirt.

Minimized: gray scuttles*, 1 pair of old shorts, 1 pair of old jeans, green scarf, black tank top, green shoes, red sweater, denim skirt, pajama pants, straw hat, 2 wallets, gray flowered long sleeve shirt.

*I bought gray scuttles at the thrift store and gave them back a few weeks later.  Ye shall not purchase shoes that don’t fit well just because you think you need shoes. 

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