Best Practices for Thrifting

IMG_2771I’ve been avoiding jeans shopping for months.  Thankfully patience and persistence paid off, and now I have two pairs of jeans to replace my ripped ones and my wide-leg ones (they didn’t fit well).

I bought these at a consignment store.  For shopping some items consignment is easier than thrift because the selection is smaller (less overwhelm) and the quality is better.

Either way, remember: Patience and Persistence.

Successful second-hand shopping can take a lot of repeat browsing.  Yet most minimalists don’t consider shopping recreational, so this may seem counterintuitive.  Still – sometimes you need to replace worn items or freshen your look, and buying second-hand is the most responsible way to do so.

thrisftig-resplendent-repurposing-300x200Give yourself some time!  Don’t go once, strikeout, and throw in the towel.  Come back every few weeks, browse the racks, try on a few things, and the call it a day.  Listen to some Macklemore.  It doesn’t have to take hours.  Truly, repeat visits will increase your odds of finding the piece that you love.

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess has her own list of tips.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Keep a running list of wants and needs.  It can be hard to stay focused in a thrift store.  Keep a list of items you’re hunting for, and see if they’re there. 
  • Buy only what you love.  Keep things minimal and your style lovely by wearing clothes you adore. 
  • Keep an open mind.  It’s important to push your comfort zone to stay fresh and on your style toes.  Be open minded about new colors, patterns, cuts.  You may find a well-made item that fits beautifully, even if you didn’t imagine wearing it before. 
  • If in doubt, don’t.  Don’t clutter your closet with an item that you’re not sure about (unless it’s a comfort-zone experiment.  And those only need be done one at a time).
  • Be prepared.  Preparedness for me means slip-on shoes, no skirts, no purses or heavy coats, and a tank-top so I can try on sweaters in the aisle.  How do you prepare to thrift? 
  • Don’t forget the little things.  Unique jewelry, scarves, belts, etc. accumulate at thrift stores.  Give them a scan, using your practiced, discerning eye!
  • Question each purchase.  Do you have pieces to wear it with?  Is it practical?  Easy to care for?  Versatile? 

What are your thrifting or second-hand-buying tips?


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3 Responses to Best Practices for Thrifting

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  2. starfish says:

    I fully agree with these, especially with having patience and coming back another day. I’ll reblog this as I was planning to write a similar post, but you put it in much better words!

  3. starfish says:

    Reblogged this on starfishskies and commented:
    I had planned to write a post about buying second hand, but Eva at Style Me Minimimal wrote a great guide a few months ago, so I just decided to reblog her post. Please visit her blog and give her posts some love 🙂
    I’ll still write a post about what I do and what I don’t buy second hand yet on another day!

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