Project 333: Spring 2014

IMG_2782Feelin’ groovy.  Warm weather and spring colors abound, as does a new array of pieces for the Spring 333!

These include some of the hand-me-downs I received in January, which I’m excited to work with this season.

The totals:
8 shirts + 2 tank-tops + 3 cardigans = 13 (left column).
3 jeans + 3 dresses + 4 skirts + 1 pair of shorts = 11 (+ 13 = 24).

3 pairs of tights + 5 scarves = 33 from now through June!

I will likely swap out a pair of jeans and one of the long-sleeve shirts for lighter fair in May.  I’m excited to stay the course with tights and scarves this time.  Challenge me.

Thanks for reading!


About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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