New Bra Methodology

My minimalist method for conscious consumption:
1) Don’t get it.  You probably don’t need it
2) Find it second-hand: hand-me-down, consignment, thrift
3) Buy new only if organic/fair trade/ethical

Conscious consumption means consuming less and consuming thoughtfully.  So when it comes to getting things you need that are tough to find second-hand, I try to find them organic.  In the case of bras, this required research.

I want a bandeau-style bra with straps that I can layer under low-cut shirts and use every day.  My Victoria’s Secret underwires (from the pre-minimalism days) get uncomfortable after a long day, and I’ve heard iffy things about underwire.

A lot of Googling later, I found some options (thanks, Green America!):

Beckon’s reversible sports bra in white and two-color combinations, organic cotton and spandex, made in Colorado. $36
Nature Wear Organics bralette is discontinued and only a few colors remain.  Organic cotton and lycra and made in the USA.  Has side darts that may make lines. $28
Gaiam bra top in many colors, made of recycled polyester and spandex and made in China. $24.99
Gaiam organic cotton bra top is made in the USA with a criss-cross back.  Gathered front may make lines. $29
Faeries Dance soy cami bra made from conventional soy beans, organic cotton and spandex.  Recommended for sizes A-C and made in a sweat-shop free Chinese factory. $29
Eco Choice viscose bamboo bra for sizes A-D and made in the USA.  V neckline with lace and gathers. $42
B Green Apparel Julia bralette made from organic cotton and spandex and made in the USA in several neutral colors. $24 (see my experience with this bra here!)
Circle Creations cami bra made from hemp, organic cotton and spandex with a gathered front that may make lines. $36
Majamas organic buxom bra is organic cotton and spandex and made in the USA.  Gathered in the front.  $33
Rawganic Jessica bra made of organic cotton and lycra and doesn’t appear to have an elastic band at the bottom. Made in the USA $34
Blue Canoe yoga bra made of organic cotton in four colors.  Side darts may make lines.   $39.95
Blue Canoe sheer bralette made of organic cotton and spandex.  Lower neckline and recommended for sizes A-B.  $39.95

Most bras come in sizes S-L.  I wear a large cup-size but have small ribs, so I guess I’m a medium?  I haven’t decided which to buy yet, and I will keep you posted….

Update: You can read about the bra I bought here!

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