Project 333 Halfway

tank top_black_button_wWe’re half way!  And with warm weather finally taking over, two pieces needed to be changed out.  I exchanged the dark gray long sleeve shirt for this black tank, and the flared jeans for these orange shorts.

It’s been easy.  There are still many combinations to make from the 33 pieces I have this season.  It makes me realize I’m ready to take it further and include shoes, as many 333ers do.  The July-September 333 will include shoes for a change.

shorts_orangeI debated switching out some of my scarves for more summer tops.  But I’m not excited about most of my summer tops.  Some of them I’ve had for years.  As I get older I’ve noticed a tendency towards more modest clothes, and some tanks and v-necks have a low neckline.  I’d like some new colors and patterns as well.  I shopped one of my favorite brands, Boden, on eBay.  But the carbon footprint of ordering clothes isn’t necessary when I have so many thrift and consignment stores nearby.  Besides, not trying clothes on can lead to poor choices.  I rarely feel this, but it’s time to do some shopping…

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Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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