What do minimalism, the environment, and finances have in common?

Has it ever happened to you that a bunch of ideas come into your life, one after the other, and they all tie together?

That’s what happened to me with minimalism, my job, and finances.  Here’s a timeline:

November 5, 2011: I learn about minimalism through this post by Miss Minimalist.
January 2012: I spend several weeks purging the boxes under my bed and in my closet, downsizing my wardrobe and knick-knacks, and feel like a new person.
September 2012: I start my job as an executive assistant at an environmental grocery company.  I start learning more about organics and the environment.
January 2, 2013: I start this blog!
April 26, 2013: my dad introduces me to The Washington Post article on Mr Money Mustache.  I am hooked.
May 24, 2013: I write about my obsession with Mr Money Mustache’s blog.
April-May, 2014: I read The Two Income Trap, Early Retirement Extreme, and I start Your Money or Your Life.

Two ways to be richMinimalism showed up in my life when I was feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable by the amount of stuff my young, single self possessed.  Turns out, owning and buying less is a great environmental and financial practice.  Buying less dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.  So does eating organic.  Lower living expenses have everything to do with financial independence.  So does not owning a car.  Which is easy on the environment.  Etc.

These compatible ways of life came to me with beautiful timing, and have dramatically changed how I spend money and time, what’s in my living space, what I wear, and what I do.

Here is to timing!  I am grateful.

About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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