I bought 2 new things

You may recall my minimalist method for conscious consumption from this post about buying bras:

1) Don’t get it.  You probably don’t need it
2) Find it second-hand: hand-me-down, consignment, thrift
3) Buy new only if organic/fair trade/ethical

I went with #3.  I bought a bra and leggings!  Here’s why:

Jen'sBra: I’ve been wearing the same three (the fourth one broke) Victoria’s Secret underwire bras for four years.  I machine-wash them in garment bags and let them air dry, but they are losing shape.  More importantly, they’re uncomfortable.  By evening I feel like they’re strangling my ribs.  Plus, I’ve read info about bras that gives me pause.  And I don’t want to buy synthetic imported overpriced VS products anymore, anyway.

So I bought Jen’s Organic Cotton Bra.  I wear a 34DD from VS, and the Medium bra fits me.

  • Pro: organic cotton, USA-made, unbleached, comfortable, snug,
  • Con: thick straps show under many tank-tops and wide-neck tees.

Verdict:  I’m happy.  I will likely get more mileage out of this bra in the winter, and I was originally hoping to get a bandeau-top bra with skinny straps.  But it’s such a comfortable contrast to underwear.

YogapantsLeggings:  I am chronically cold, and in winter I need to layer.  These leggings win at versatility: they are opaque (great for mixed company), they are long, they are tight.  The two pairs of black leggings I already have are mediocre (one is a synthetic fiber hand-me-down, the other a sheer pill-y gift).

So when the bras I ordered from Bgreen Apparel didn’t fit, I got these bad boys in Small (I wear between 6-8 in pants).

  • Pro: organic cotton, warm and comfortable, long, tight for layering, opaque
  • Con: higher rise than my preference.  I like ultra low-rise and I roll these twice.

Verdict: I’m happy.  I now have three pairs of leggings to wear under shorts when biking and with dresses and skirts.  These new ones are the best of the three!

(By the way, the Julia Bralette from Bgreen apparel did not work on my body, in Medium or Large.  Not enough coverage.)

The best way to be minimalist is to curb what comes into your life.  But sometimes you need new things.  And when you get something brand-new, get it organic!

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Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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