Project 333 spring recap: tally & outfits worn

333: Spring 2014What I learned:
The most times I wore a scarf was 5.  It was cool only in April, and I could have challenged myself to just 1 or 2 scarves.  I could have had more shirts in the mix, which might’ve helped with the boredom that started in June.

During transitional seasons, it’s important to rotate in a few weather-appropriate pieces midway.

Lastly, ill-fitting pieces are no fun!  I’m donating to two pieces from this pass – shorts that are too big and a shirt with an inconveniently low neckline.

Most wears: 
Yellow cardigan: 11x
Boot-cut jeans: 10x

Least wears: 
Black skirt: 2x
Black lace tights: 1x
Lavender flowered scarf: 2x

Minimized: 1 pair of shorts, 1 shirt, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 scarf

Acquired: 1 sweater, 1 dress, 2 tank tops, 1 t-shirt

dailyoutfit 6.5.14IMG_2858IMG_2785daily outfit 8.8.13dailyoutfit 6.13.14daily outfit 9.4.13/6.24.14IMG_2860daily outfit 7.16.13IMG_2861IMG_2854daily outfit 8.28.13/6.12.14dailyoutfit 6.11.14dailyoutfit 4.30.14/6.10.14dailyoutfit 5.2.14/6.9.14IMG_2852IMG_2834dailyoutfit 6.5.14dailyoutfit 6.4.14daily outfit 6.6.13/5.31.14dailyoutfit 5.30.14IMG_2832IMG_2851daily outfit 6.16.13/5.24.14dailyoutfit 5.23.14IMG_2846dailyoutfit 5.21.14IMG_2795dailyoutfit 5.16.14
dailyoutfit 5.15.14dailyoutfit 5.14.14dailyoutfit 5.13.14dailyoutfit 5.12.14dailyoutfit 5.10.14dailyoutfit 5.9.14dailyoutfit 5.8.14dailyoutfit 5.7.14IMG_2829dailyoutfit 5.5.14dailyoutfit 5.3.14dailyoutfit 5.2.14IMG_2819IMG_2790IMG_2797IMG_2822IMG_2828dailyoutfit 4.23.14/4.26.14IMG_2826IMG_2824IMG_2803dailyoutfit 4.22.14dailyoutfit 4.21.14IMG_2812IMG_2815dailyoutfit 4.17.14dailyoutfit 4.16.14dailyoutfit 4.5.14/4.16.14dailyoutfit 4.14.14IMG_2789IMG_2792IMG_2783IMG_2798dailyoutfit 4.8.14dailyoutfit 4.7.14dailyoutfit 4.5.14dailyoutfit 4.4.14IMG_2806IMG_2794

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