Daily Outfits: Mid-leg skirts

daily outfit 7.9.13IMG_2920Tally:
Black spaghetti tank: 1
Red flowered skirt: 1
Yellow t-shirt: 2
Black linen skirt: 1
Black birkenstocks: 8

I love how long skirts swish and feel so feminine.  Here paired with bright summery colors!

This time last year: July 21.  Thanks for reading!

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Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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2 Responses to Daily Outfits: Mid-leg skirts

  1. Jean says:


    Just a note of appreciation for your blog. For many, many years I’ve not been a fan of living with lots of stuff, especially clothing. Usually in black, my rotation of approximately 10 items (not counting undergarments) eventually made the assembling of daily “outfits” a bit challenging. Clearly, I needed some replacements and additions. 🙂

    I appreciate how you incorporate color into a neutral pallette. Bonus: Another Birkenstock afficienado here! What style of Birks? Not sure if it’s my age or job; I’ve finally reached a point in life where I’m comfortable enough (literally) to wear Birks to the office.

    Congrats on your move, and thanks again for your neat blog.


    • Eva says:

      Hi Jean!

      Yep, Birks are where it’s at. I have the gizeh in black and original in neutral. There are so many styles now! I where them to the office as well (we don’t have a dress code, so that’s pretty easy).

      A lot of minimalists suggest having 1 base color, like black. I see the appeal and simplicity of that, but I love black AND brown AND khaki! Black frustrates me sometimes because there are so many “shades” of black that sometimes look funky next to each other.



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