Don’t want it!

1-no-thank-youMinimizing was a relief for me- there was so much less stuff to store and take care of!  It also caused or coincided with internal habit changes.  Once I learned about the environmental impact of buying new things, I didn’t want much anymore.  Sometimes catalogues tempt me, but I usually don’t want stuff.  It’s a hassle to own a lot of things (and moving last weekend really brought that home).

It’s just easier not to want it!  It makes me feel more balanced and content when I’m not yearning for stuff I don’t have.  I’m not as jealous of other people’s clothes and things.  I don’t feel bereft with what I don’t have.  I’m more creative about making what I have stretch and serve many functions.

In Early Retirement Extreme, Jacob Fisker writes,

“Most wants are internal, so focusing internally and ‘doing without’ is often a less complicated way to solve a problem as it mainly requires strength of character rather than skills or connections.  Rendering wants superfluous requires little technical skill, but it does require motivation and self-discipline.  Giving up wants can be as tough or easy as going on a diet, giving up smoking, or changing other habits dependent on strength of character.  However, doing without is often thought of as a sacrifice, especially when strongly attached to material comforts.  It’s quickly realized (after about a month) that happiness does not stem from being surrounded by possessions, but that being surrounded by them is the result of an addictive habit.  Thus it can be tremendously liberating not to ‘need’ something to be happy.

Since humans need very little, eliminating various wants can go far in terms of solving problems.  Can’t afford it?  Don’t want it!  Too complicated?  Don’t want it!  Reduce and simplify.  Reduce and simplify!”  What a relief.

More thoughts on Fisker here and here.


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