Frame Collage

One of the things I most looked forward to after moving was making a frame collage.  I’ve collected post cards, poems, and photos over the years and I wanted to display them in a way that was eclectic and but not busy.

I got how-to ideas from Young House Love, specifically here.  It involves practicing with scrap paper before committing to nails in the wall.  I am still in the practice stage.

I googled and checked out YHL for inspiration (more ideas on Pinterest).

collagebeforeYHL frame collage

I love the asymmetry on the left, and the mix of colors, textures, and sizes on the right.

The process went like this…


First there was a huge mess of frames on the bed.


Then I laid them out how I thought I wanted them.


Per YHL’s suggestion, I made newspaper cut-outs for the shape of each frame.  I made a note on each cut-out which frame/picture it represented.  These I taped to the wall with masking tape.  This I did on Thursday – now it’s Monday, and I’m still not ready for make a commitment with nails.  Stay tuned!

You can read the second installment here

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