“Our Unhealthy Obsession with Choice”

choicesChoices choices choices.  Conventional wisdom says that the more choices, the better.  Choices means freedom.

There’s a dark side to choice, too.  Optional paralysis, when you have so many options it’s overwhelming, and you wind up second-guessing your choice.  What if the other pair of pants was actually better? 

Renata Salecl explores the ideology of choice in this TED Talk.  The plethora of choices we face lead us to think about the imagined future.  We construct an image of an idealized future of more success, freedom.

All these choices produce anxiety.  Choice is linked to imagined loss as much as imagined success.  There’s risk.  The result of choices is unpredictable.  With choices abounding, it can be easy to blame ourselves for making the wrong ones if times are tough.

She points out that we rarely make “rational” choices.  Many of us choose by guessing what others would think, or we make the culturally accepted choice.

What resonates with you in this talk?

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