Project 333: Summer 2014 revision

IMG_2891IMG_2949It’s Labor Day, and time to revise this summer’s 33 for the last month.  One thing that’s ready to go is my white skirt – no white shoes or bottoms after Labor Day!  I don’t know what that rule is based on, and though it seems arbitrary I like following little rules that make style decisions for me.  I’ll replace it with a pair of purple shorts I bought on consignment this summer.
This striped tank-top is a dud for me.  It’s a little faded, and isn’t a very flattering shape.  I bought it thrifted because I like black and white and I like the stripes.  But I don’t look forward to wearing it, so I’m donating it and  replacing it with this polka-dotted tank I bought on consignment.

IMG_2865IMG_2954I love this hand-me-down sundress.  Unfortunately, the zipper is broken.  I am debating getting it fixed because it’s a little tight on me and lower-cut than my preference.  It’s originally from Target, so not the highest quality.  In the meantime, I’m replacing it with this black dress I bought on consignment, which is more flattering and can be dressed up.

One more month, and then it will be time to break out scarves!  Thanks for reading : )

About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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