Frame Collage 2

Well, we’re back!  After over a month.  I didn’t expect it to take that long but I’m learning that I like to sit and live in a space for a while before committing what to put on walls.  To pick up where we left off, I taped newspaper cutouts of my frames to my wall, using ancient masking tape that barely worked and was pretty annoying.  Here’s the look:


It’s the wall I face while lying in bed, and I liked the idea of waking up to my frame collage.  But a roommate and friend pointed out that this wall already has a door frame and a shelf against.  Another boasts a closet, and a third the window.  Whereas one wall had nothing:

[whoops, no picture.  I’m still not good at remembering to photograph things.]

So I switched gears, and taped my cutouts on the lonely wall.  Then I started to commit!  And for a while, it looked like this:

IMG_2980And finally, as of Saturday, it’s done and looks like this:

IMG_3009At first, I had the purple frame with long limbs and blue plate reversed.  But my mom pointed out that such an arrangement made the right side circle-heavy, rather than balancing the shapes.  Good call, Mom!

And here’s what the wall-with-the-door looks like now, sans frame collage:


Thanks for reading!



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