Project 333: Fall 2014

I started including shoes this summer, and I’m continuing into the fall.  I started wearing 41 pieces in 1 month, then 33 pieces of clothing only for 3 months, now 33 pieces of clothing and shoes… progress!

I am likely overestimating how warm it will be this month.  At least this week it’s reaching near 80 degrees.  I will probably update at the end of the month to bring in sweaters, phase out sandals, and add a scarf or two.

For shoes I have 3 sandals, 3 boots, flats and my keds.

Here are the clothes I’m working with:

tank top_black_button_wIMG_2951IMG_2952IMG_3034IMG_3033IMG_3043blouse_stripedIMG_3025IMG_3035cardigan_blackcardigan_beigeIMG_3039IMG_2890IMG_3024shorts_purpleSkirt_navy blueIMG_3029IMG_3031dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dressIMG_2954IMG_3041IMG_3044


About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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2 Responses to Project 333: Fall 2014

  1. lethally says:

    You’ve got some beautiful items in there – I love the coral tops in the top row 🙂 What I’m seeing online is a lot of people doing The Project 333 are using way too much black and grey for my taste, so it’s nice to see people with a bit more colour and pattern in their wardrobes.

    • Eva says:

      Lee – thank you! It’s a work in progress. Finding the right collection of pieces that fit, flatter, in versatile and happy colors takes time. I see the appeal and simplicity of uses a lot of neutral colors, but I’m with you on this – gotta have color.

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