Simple Pleasures

SecretGardenYou know how sometimes you suddenly want to read a very specific book?  I felt that way this week about The Secret Garden.  (Thankfully, my roommate has a copy.)

It’s a fast and wonderful read.  Nothing brings the same kind of joy as reading a great story.  And this one is!  About relationships with people and nature, about sharing, and more.

Reading is a simple pleasure.  It doesn’t take much and it’s endlessly entertaining.

The story of Mary Lennox and the secret garden reminds me too of the simple and powerful pleasure of being outside.  Of being with birds, of tending a garden, of planting flowers and watching them grow.  It’s amazing to care for something, to really tend it.  It’s a profound and simple thing.


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2 Responses to Simple Pleasures

  1. starfish says:

    It’s such a lovely book! I especially like the little robin, its happy chirpiness makes me smile 🙂

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