Daily Oufits: Neutrals & Red

dailyoutfit 12.12.13dailyoutfit 11.28.13/11.7.14Tally:
Black sleeveless dress: 5
Striped blouse: 7
Black leggings: 4
Brown flats: 7
Beige patterned sweater: 4
Navy skirt: 6
Brown tights: 2
Gray boots: 10
IMG_3126IMG_3127Purple sweater: 2
Pink corduroy skirt: 6
Gray sweater: 2
Boot-cut jeans: 9
Red sweater: 3
Sneakers: 3
Purple scarf: 4

I took time off blogging this week to spend
dailyoutfit 2.5.14IMG_3094time with family and catch up on work (before I travel!).  It’s been almost two full years of tracking outfits.  I’m getting a lot out of Project 333, but I’m rethinking how I track it on my blog.

Thanks for reading!


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