I Recommend Costa Rica. Also, Less Furniture

If you’re traveling to Costa Rica, I recommend staying in this house in Ojochal.  This is the view from the porch (rainbow not guaranteed):


The house sits on idyllic ledge overlooking a lush valley.  You can just make out the Pacific ocean beyond the trees to the left (not pictured).  We spent most of out time on the porch, because 1) why spend a second more than necessary away from that view? and 2) the weather was great.

As for the house, one thing struck me – how spare the furnishings were.  Many vacation homes feature lots of stuff: books, beach-y tchotchkes like wooden mallard ducks and seagulls, pillows, lamps, you name it.


This home had very little. A few hangings on the wall.  A couch, two chairs, and coffee tables.  A colorful sarong covering the switch box on one wall.

What if my home were furnished like this?

There would be very little to straighten. It would be easy to rearrange things if I wanted to redesign the room. I wouldn’t need to unload a million things from a bookshelf to move it. Maybe I wouldn’t have a bookshelf at all.  Or may be I would, with just a few precious things adorning it.  But the room might look bare.  It might echo in its emptiness.

I like having things.  I like their colors, shapes, and the personality they convey.  I like the look of a well-designed shelf with objects on it, and I like rooms that feel cozy and inviting.  But what if you had less?  How would your life be different?  What might be easier?

What would you cut down on? How could you design your space simply, without making it look bare or empty?  What would you like about fewer furnishings?

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Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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