Daily Outfits: Black Dress, Peach Cardigan

dailyoutfit 2.25.14/11.11.14/12.22.14dailyoutfit 11.6.13/12.23.14The winter holidays are my favorite time of year (besides the summer).  I’m wearing only outfits that I’ve worn before.  Do they look familiar? 😉

Brown striped sweater: 1
Black jeans: 3
Gray shirt: 3
daily outfit 4.12.13/12.24.14Daily outfit 2.18.13/12.25.14Pink corduroy skirt: 7
Black leggings: 5
Purple scarf: 7
Brown boots: 10
Black dress:9
Black tights: 5
Peach cardigan: 3
Brown, black, yellow scarf: 4
Cream sweater: 2
dailyoutfit 3.8.14/12.26.14dailyoutfit 11.21.13/12.28.14Boot cut jeans: 11
Green wool scarf: 2
Black keds: 11
Beige patterned sweater: 5
Black and white scarf: 1
Gray boots: 16

Thanks for reading!

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