Do Your Thoughts Stress You?


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which marks the 46 day period before Easter Sunday. Today some Christians (and secular people like me) observe this period by giving up something they enjoy, or taking on an action that challenges them. Sometimes these actions are religious, but they do not have to be. Lent is an opportunity to change habits, to work on an aspect of yourself, to be more giving, or to focus on your faith.

This year for Lent, I’m doing The Work. Also known as inquiry, The Work by Byron Katie is a method of questioning stressful thoughts to free yourself from believing them. We all have stressful thoughts: about love, approval, appreciation, fear, justice, and on and on.

Katie says that “the worst thing that has ever happened is an unquestioned thought.” As spring comes and 2015 waxes on, I can think of no better project than questioning my thoughts about productivity, money, success, global climate change, and more.

Is there anything you are giving up or taking on this season?

Thanks for reading! Read Lent: a minimalist exercise for Lent in 2013.

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