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Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.

Are Your Dreams Actually Goals?

I recently said the following: “I’m leaving my position at this company to pursue my dream of starting a business.” Then I read Bullish: Some Dreams Are Stupid and realized that starting a business isn’t a dream. It’s a goal. … Continue reading

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Think Big AND Small

Conventional wisdom is to set small, achievable goals. It’s great advice, and it works. You need goals that are attainable soon. These can be chores like laundry or steps for setting up your website. It’s satisfying to check things off your list. As you accomplish each item, you feel good about your progress and motivated to keep going. Continue reading

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Live on <$20k Month 2

The experiment continues. February spending was very different from January! A big purchase was made, as well as more discretionary spending now that No Spend Month is over. Spending: Rent: $425 Utilities: waiting for all bills to come in Groceries: $55.96 Public transit: $18.46 … Continue reading

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Are You Mitigating Your Speech? You Can Do Better

Have you ever shared an idea by starting with, “this may not be true, but…” or “this might be a bad idea, but…” or “this might sound crazy, but….” This is called “mitigating speech,” or… Continue reading

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Adjustment Oddness

My grandparents are getting ready to get ready to move from their home of fifty+ years to a retirement community. It’s a big transition. Their new place will be small, and thirty minutes from the neighborhood they’re used to. They … Continue reading

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Just Keep Swimming

It’s week 3 of structure, work, and schedule as I make them, and it’s still weird! There’s no regularity or rhythm unless I set them up. It can be uncomfortable. From school to most traditional jobs we are told by others what to do and by when. When you strike out on your own, all of that changes. Continue reading

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I Spend a Stupid Amount of Time Searching for Things on The Internet

Today I did it again. I remembered a tiny phrase from an article I read within the last week, and now I want that article. I want to reference it. I want to reread it. I have no idea what it was called or where I read it. Continue reading

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