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“Tweaking It” for the First Time

Tweak It by Cali Yost is a system to get in the driver’s seat of your work+life fit (as opposed to balance). Do you feel tired, rundown and listless because you work at work, and you work at home, and then … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures

You know how sometimes you suddenly want to read a very specific book?  I felt that way this week about The Secret Garden.  (Thankfully, my roommate has a copy.) It’s a fast and wonderful read.  Nothing brings the same kind … Continue reading

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Don’t want it!

Minimizing was a relief for me- there was so much less stuff to store and take care of!  It also caused or coincided with internal habit changes.  Once I learned about the environmental impact of buying new things, I didn’t want … Continue reading

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No such things as Needs or Wants

Conventional wisdom counsels to differentiate between needs and wants – clothes vs designer clothes, a place to sleep vs a fancy house, transportation vs a luxury car.  It’s a good exercise as it helps us become aware of our consumer habits.  In materialist culture, we … Continue reading

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“Stuff, status, and happiness”

On page 31 of Early Retirement Extreme, Jacob Fisker writes (emphasis mine), In a world where automation has eliminated pride in workmanship from the products and nobody as time for much else than work, status is based on acquisition and … Continue reading

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What do minimalism, the environment, and finances have in common?

Has it ever happened to you that a bunch of ideas come into your life, one after the other, and they all tie together? That’s what happened to me with minimalism, my job, and finances.  Here’s a timeline: November 5, 2011: … Continue reading

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Conscientious consuming is still consuming

There are myriad ways to acquire things – gifts, hand-me-downs, impulse purchases, planned purchases, new ones, vintage ones, thrift ones, yard-sale ones, ethically-sourced ones… Many of us would likely agree that some ways are better than others.  It is best (i.e. … Continue reading

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