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Baby steps

Last week, a close friend asked: “Eva, what would you recommend would be a good baby-step start for someone who wants to try out minimalism? Like, a New Years resolution.” What a great question. I came to minimalism through Miss … Continue reading

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Got a Drawer?

Want to start minimizing?  Terrific.  But where to begin?  The idea of minimizing your space can be daunting.  The best thing to do is to start small: pick one place to begin, then start and finish it. (Remember: things often … Continue reading

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First post: Welcome to Style Me Minimal!

Welcome! I’m Eva.  Thanks for visiting. Style Me Minimal is a blog about personal style and minimalism.  The goal is to explore how to dress in a way that is creative, stylish, confident and minimal. Contrary to what advertisements tell … Continue reading

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