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Live on <$20k Month 2

The experiment continues. February spending was very different from January! A big purchase was made, as well as more discretionary spending now that No Spend Month is over. Spending: Rent: $425 Utilities: waiting for all bills to come in Groceries: $55.96 Public transit: $18.46 … Continue reading

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No Spend Month Recap; Live on <$20k Month 1

No spend month was easy. I went out once and didn’t order a drink. I had friends over or went to their houses. I ripped a pair of jeans, and instead of replacing them I wore skirts.

There were things I thought of buying: pants, sneakers, duct tape… Continue reading

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Live on Less Than $20k

Last year, Sandra Cunha blogged about her experiment to live on less than $20,000 in a year.  Her blog archives aren’t available for example, but what I loved was that she was very detailed about accountability to her budget and any … Continue reading

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