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A case of the “just-in-cases”

You may have the just-in-cases.  Are these symptoms familiar? You have books on your shelf you loved when you read them, but you haven’t touched them in years. You have multiples of the same kind of clothes with slight variations. … Continue reading

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How I Got Here 1: minimalism and confronting the fantasy-self

It officially started on November 5, 2011.  An email from Samantha read, “minimalism, thought of you,” and linked to “Declutter your Fantasy Self” by Miss Minimalist.  I had commented to Samantha a few times that I felt cluttered, overwhelmed and … Continue reading

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Got a Drawer?

Want to start minimizing?  Terrific.  But where to begin?  The idea of minimizing your space can be daunting.  The best thing to do is to start small: pick one place to begin, then start and finish it. (Remember: things often … Continue reading

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