Thanks for visiting Style Me Minimal!

If you’re interested in reading more about style and minimalism, here are some of my favorites:


  • Miss Minimalist – Miss Minimalist’s blog was my first introduction to minimalism.  It’s a great read and her archives have lots of tips and ideas.  I recommend her book, too!
  • Born Again Minimalist –  chronicles her journey towards minimalism.  Very relatable.
  • Living Lagom – writes about the great concept of lagom and has insightful posts about the connection between things and emotions.
  • Teenage Minimalist – this minimalist impresses me!  Her decision to balk consumerist culture is inspiring.
  • Be More With Less – showcases fellow minimalists and features great tips for incorporating simplicity and minimalism into our lives.


  • The Vivienne Files – this blog has style suggestions with lots of pictures that are beautiful and minimal.  I love it!
  • What I Wore – features photos nearly every day of inspiring outfits with lots of layering, color and variety.
  • Wendy’s Lookbook – beautiful clothes, photography and thoughts.  Not to mention very helpful videos, such as the scarf tutorial!
  • Gala Darling – writes about style and fashion but more importantly, about radical self love.  Lots of great ideas, positivity and contagious enthusiasm.

Got other recommendations?  Comment below or email me at 

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