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Live on <$20k Month 2

The experiment continues. February spending was very different from January! A big purchase was made, as well as more discretionary spending now that No Spend Month is over. Spending: Rent: $425 Utilities: waiting for all bills to come in Groceries: $55.96 Public transit: $18.46 … Continue reading

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Should You Work More? Quality & Quantity

I believe that if you want to work less at some point in your future, it makes sense to work more in your present (see Bullish: Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE). This is true in the short term (if you’re taking off two weeks in June you’ll work more in May to prepare) and long term (if you want to work less while raising young children, you can work more now to write your book, establish a blog following, or learn new skills before you have an infant living with you). Continue reading

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No Spend Month Recap; Live on <$20k Month 1

No spend month was easy. I went out once and didn’t order a drink. I had friends over or went to their houses. I ripped a pair of jeans, and instead of replacing them I wore skirts.

There were things I thought of buying: pants, sneakers, duct tape… Continue reading

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How to Have a No (Extra) Spend Month

January 2015 = No Spend Month. No Spend Month lets you recalibrate. Maybe you spend a lot and want break the habit cold turkey. Maybe you want to be more creative about social time, so you ban spending on it. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Live on Less Than $20k

Last year, Sandra Cunha blogged about her experiment to live on less than $20,000 in a year.  Her blog archives aren’t available for example, but what I loved was that she was very detailed about accountability to her budget and any … Continue reading

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