Live on <$20k Month 2


The experiment continues. February spending was very different from January! A big purchase was made, as well as more discretionary spending now that No Spend Month is over.

Rent: $425
Utilities: waiting for all bills to come in
Groceries: $55.96
Public transit: $18.46
Restaurants: $43.62
Coffee shops: $16.80
Gift: $20
Donation: $60.00
Clothing: $240.21
Personal care (dentist: $15
Travel: $579.58
Shipping: $7.70
Total: $1,482.33
7.4% of $20,000
Remainder to spend: $17,898.32

The unusual purchases this month were clothes. I bought two pair of second-hand shoes and two pair of second-hand jeans. I also bought a dress and crinoline for my cousin’s wedding.

My saving’s rate took a dive compared to last month, to 36.89%. This is something I will get used to. With leaving a full time job to start a business, my income will change.

How was your February? It had fewer days for spending – did that make a difference in your financial recap?

About Eva

Digital marketing entrepreneur. Niche: women-owned businesses. Polka dot enthusiast, space nerd, feminist.
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