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Avoiding Accumulation

I moved recently.  I moved from my parents’ house to a home with three roommates, where we are responsible for furnishing our own place. It’s going great.  We came with a lot of what we need.  We’ve been able to … Continue reading

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All you need is less

“I sometimes think I should just sell everything and start over.  I’m one person.  Why do I have so much stuff?  Why do I have a whole dining room set?” “My problem is that I keep stuff.  Even if I … Continue reading

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Minimalism or Art?

Minimalism vs consumerism.  Aside from virtues such as saving time and money, the need to clean, maintain, repair, the need to make lots of decisions, minimalism cultivates the habit not to buy, not to collect stuff.  Minimalism encourages paring down … Continue reading

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Project 333: Summer 2013

Summer’s in the air.  Time for a new challenge. As I’ve mentioned, the 411 Project worked great in the winter.  I felt I had a good number of clothes and good variety month-to-month.  It was a little high maintenance, needing … Continue reading

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Blog Obsess: Mr Money Mustache

A few weeks back, the Washington Post ran an article about a man who retired at age 30. Meet Mr. Money Mustache, whose blog about smart living and financial independence has me hooked! A lot of MMM’s experiences and suggestions … Continue reading

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“Addled, overwhelmed consumers”

Have you heard of the science of shopping? If not, I recommend Why We Buy by Paco Underhill.  It’s a fascinating read about the science of shopping, i.e. the way humans physically and culturally shop and what retailers can do to … Continue reading

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A case of the “just-in-cases”

You may have the just-in-cases.  Are these symptoms familiar? You have books on your shelf you loved when you read them, but you haven’t touched them in years. You have multiples of the same kind of clothes with slight variations. … Continue reading

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