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Are Your Dreams Actually Goals?

I recently said the following: “I’m leaving my position at this company to pursue my dream of starting a business.” Then I read Bullish: Some Dreams Are Stupid and realized that starting a business isn’t a dream. It’s a goal. … Continue reading

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Live on <$20k Month 2

The experiment continues. February spending was very different from January! A big purchase was made, as well as more discretionary spending now that No Spend Month is over. Spending: Rent: $425 Utilities: waiting for all bills to come in Groceries: $55.96 Public transit: $18.46 … Continue reading

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Do Your Thoughts Stress You?

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which marks the 46 day period before Easter Sunday. Today some Christians (and secular people like me) observe this period by giving up something they enjoy, or taking on an action that challenges them. Sometimes these actions are religious, but they do not have to be. Lent is an opportunity to change habits, to work on an aspect of yourself, to be more giving, or to focus on your faith. Continue reading

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Define Your Own Success

Six weeks ago, I gave my notice at work.  Two Fridays ago was my last day in the office. It’s exciting! It’s been my goal for years to start a professional organizing business, to help people create systems to keep … Continue reading

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Should You Work More? Quality & Quantity

I believe that if you want to work less at some point in your future, it makes sense to work more in your present (see Bullish: Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE). This is true in the short term (if you’re taking off two weeks in June you’ll work more in May to prepare) and long term (if you want to work less while raising young children, you can work more now to write your book, establish a blog following, or learn new skills before you have an infant living with you). Continue reading

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Weekly Tweaks: Break Down Big Projects

Monday – post tweaks, write, read book; Tuesday – write before work, draft pitch; Wednesday – write, update website, post; Thursday – write; Friday – write before work; Saturday – post. Thursday and Friday were days with social plans after … Continue reading

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Strive for Kindness

Being nice is fine. It’s good to be agreeable in new situations. It’s good to be polite to people you don’t know.

Except when it’s not. Except when you need to look out for yourself, or someone is being a creep, or smiling feels fake because it’s a serious situation. Continue reading

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