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Think Big AND Small

Conventional wisdom is to set small, achievable goals. It’s great advice, and it works. You need goals that are attainable soon. These can be chores like laundry or steps for setting up your website. It’s satisfying to check things off your list. As you accomplish each item, you feel good about your progress and motivated to keep going. Continue reading

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I Spend a Stupid Amount of Time Searching for Things on The Internet

Today I did it again. I remembered a tiny phrase from an article I read within the last week, and now I want that article. I want to reference it. I want to reread it. I have no idea what it was called or where I read it. Continue reading

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How to Plan Your Best. Year. Yet.

People make half-hearted or enthusiastic New Year’s resolutions, which they end up forgetting by mid-February. Resolutions are fine. They are made with good intentions (like the road to hell), to “be/do/not-be/not-do,” but do you feel really good about them? I’m … Continue reading

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Simplicity Parenting for Yourself

Simplicity Parenting is a movement that is gaining traction all over the world in places as diverse as India and Iceland, says Kim John Payne.  It’s easy to understand why: like the appeal of minimalism, simplicity in child-rearing is a pendulum swing away from … Continue reading

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I moved!

Moving is tough.  It’s hard to tell how many things you truly have until you put them all in boxes!  Though I’ve pared down so much over the past several years, I was still overwhelmed by how many trips to … Continue reading

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Easy Closet Upgrade

From Sherry of Young House Love, [M]atching hangers are one of the easiest ways (and cheapest- they’re super inexpensive in bulk at Ikea) to make your closet look like a little boutique- plus they keep clothes from getting all stretched … Continue reading

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Tiny, mini, micro houses

Ever seen on of these?  The tiny house movement is in some ways a return to our roots.  Think of Little House in the Big Woods.  One-room cabins were a way of life then, and that was less than 150 years … Continue reading

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